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Abu Ghraib and Government Contractors

Lawyers Fighting Against International Human Rights Abuse

It might seem there is little you can do. Torture and other international human rights violations like the ones that have occurred at Abu Ghraib, often go unreported or undiscovered. Especially in times of war, protections against these crimes is often difficult to find, at best, and in many cases it seems that you are helpless.

We started our Detroit, Michigan, law firm to protect people like you from international human rights violations. Our attorneys know how to call upon the proper Constitutional protections to make sure the crimes you have experienced do not remain unpunished. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your international human rights case.

We can help you recover from international human rights abuses, whether they came from the military or a government contractor.

Abu Ghraib and the Military

Since the horrible events of 9/11, and the ensuing U.S. invasions into the Middle East, our lawyers have been working hard to protect individuals against the denial of their basic human rights, and violations against their dignity by the military. We take cases of prisoners of war who have experienced the abuse and lack of regulations at Abu Ghraib. Contact us if you have been there, or if you have experienced any other international human rights violations.

Government Contractors

Even if the crimes you experienced were not directly caused by the government, you still have rights. Corporations contracting with the government overseas are subject to many of the same international rules as the governments themselves. The Alien Tort Claim Act gives foreign citizens standing to sue in U.S. courts for crimes committed against humanity.

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Human rights violations can be terribly difficult to overcome. Perhaps you don't even want to talk about it with anyone, so you're delaying calling an attorney. Please do not hesitate - contact us today - we will give you a free and completely confidential consultation. We can discuss your case and give you some advice on how to proceed. Do not remain silent - do not let these crimes go unpunished.

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