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4 female officers file sexual harassment against supervisor

If one has been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, then one knows how intimidating it can be to file a complaint, despite being unhappy and working in a hostile work environment. One may be afraid of retaliation in the form of a demotion or even termination, or one might think that no one would listen to one's complaint. However, when more than one person at the same place of employment has experienced sexual harassment from the same employee, it may ease the tension of filing a complaint in Michigan as well as in the rest of the country.

Woman files sexual harassment against jailer for unfit advances

When one is new to a job, one does not fully know what to expect. One does not yet know exactly how the workday will go, nor does one yet know the personalities of one's co-workers and how to interact casually with them. Although, even though one is new and not familiar with one's co-workers, in Michigan as well as in the rest of the country there are boundaries which should not be crossed even if one of one's co-workers does have a brazen personality. A woman who worked for a jail is filing sexual harassment against one of the jailers with whom she worked.

Woman claims wrongful termination because of a medical condition

Allegations of wrongful termination can arise from many different circumstances. But the one thing that each case has in common, regardless if the case occurs in Michigan or anywhere else in the United States, is that the plaintiff feels that his or her employee rights were infringed upon. One more commonly hears about wrongful termination due to discrimination or sexual harassment, but not all cases are like that. In the case of a woman from West Virginia, she is claiming wrongful termination because she feels that her employer violated her human rights by not allowing her to take time off because of her medical condition.

Dave Hester from "Storage Wars" claims wrongful termination

Sometimes, celebrities, especially those new to fame from television shows such as reality T.V., can become overconfident, and these people can say things that may aggravate their employers. However, these celebrities still have employee rights, which includes, of course, the right to free speech that all American citizens living in Michigan or any other part of the country have. Dave Hester, a recent celebrity from the reality T.V. show "Storage Wars," has been allowed to pursue a wrongful termination suit against the cable company A&E for supposedly violating his First Amendment rights.

Professor is denied tenure and claims wrongful termination

Every new college professor has one goal in common: tenure. In order to be tenured in Michigan and in other states, one must meet one's particular school requirements, and one must have an overall good scholastic record. Tenure means that the teacher cannot be fired without good reason, among other things, and some colleges may be reluctant to give tenure. However, if a school fires a professor in order to avoid giving tenure, a wrongful termination suit could be called for.

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