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Watch out for 'textual' harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment may be illegal, but it's been in the workplace forever. With the rise of smartphones and social media, though, experts warn that another emerging trend is harassment that takes place through text messages. They're often calling it "textual harassment."

Examples of verbal sexual harassment

A lot of sexual harassment in the workplace never gets to the physical stage. However, it's important to remember that you don't have to be touched or physically contacted to be harassed. Your rights very well could have been violated just by things that are said to you and around you. Some examples include the following:

People often blame the victim for sexual harassment

Unfortunately, when sexual harassment accusations are brought forth, many people will often blame the victim. In many cases, they will assume that the person who was assaulted asked for it to happen in one way or another. Though things have been shifting over the years, it's important to know that this still happens. Some ways that victims can be blamed include the following:

Can you record conversations with your phone to prove harassment?

If you're enduring sexual harassment at work, recording evidence on your phone is not only possible, but experts say it's a rising trend. Employees have found that it's easy to record conversations with a modern smartphone, and they can then use these conversations to prove they were being harassed or discriminated against.

When jokes cross the line into sexual harassment

It's true that jokes, even those that are sexual in nature, are simply going to be told from time to time in most workplaces. In fact, some companies have actively warned employees about this in their handbooks, telling the employees that they want to have an open, creative atmosphere where people are not afraid to make such jokes. These handbooks sometimes warn employees that hearing such jokes shouldn't be thought of as sexual harassment.

One sexual harassment incident is all it takes

Often, people who are facing sexual harassment are told to talk directly to the offender the first time, asking him or her to stop. For example, a co-worker may think comments about your body are charming, while you really find them offensive. You could be told to ask the co-worker to stop, explaining that you don't like it.

Sexual harassment in a hostile work environment

Sometimes it can be challenging for people to determine which workplace behaviors are sexual harassment and which are merely distasteful actions or actions taken out of context. For example, politely asking a co-worker out to dinner or a date one time is typically not considered harassment. However, persistent requests for dates or intimate contact could definitely fall under the sexual harassment umbrella.

New bill could add legal protections for Michigan interns

College students often become interns in Oakland County companies to fulfill a school requirement or to gain valuable experience. The students are just as vulnerable to workplace discrimination and sexual harassment as any other employee. But unlike other employees, many interns have no legal protections against this type of workplace behavior.

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