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When can a wrongful termination lawsuit be filed?

Those in Michigan who have been let go from their places of employment have every right to question whether their employers were justified in firing them. In many cases the answer will be yes, they were, but there are other cases when the answer will be no. Employers have the right to make decisions for their companies, but firing for certain reasons could result in them facing wrongful termination lawsuits.

When can one file a wrongful termination lawsuit?

When an employer deems it necessary, he or she has the right to fire an employee. There are various reasons, though, in which firing is illegal. Michigan residents who have been released from their jobs under any one of the following circumstances may pursue wrongful termination lawsuits in order to seek compensation for their losses.

Company in another state hit with wrongful termination lawsuit

Those in Michigan who are subjected to harassment in the workplace should feel comfortable in their ability to inform their employers of the issue without fear of retaliation. This is their right. Sadly, there are those who do the right thing and report the problem only to be terminated after the fact. In such cases, wrongful termination claims may be filed against their employers.

What is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination affects many American households everyday and causes damages that can often be tragic. Both the causes and effects of wrongful termination are terrible and are entirely avoidable. Wrongful termination, sometimes referred to as wrongful discharge, is a legal term which refers to a situation or occurrence in which an employee's employment is terminated by their boss or manager in a way or four reason that is in violation of employment law.

Three common myths associated with wrongful termination

A wrongful termination claim can arise in a multitude of situations. For instance, you can be wrongfully terminated as retaliation for reporting your company for environmental violations and you are wrongfully terminated if your employer fires you based on your race, sex, or creed. Even if your employer fires you in violation of an internal procedure, that could serve as grounds for a wrongful termination claim. With so much variation among wrongful termination claims, it is typical that some myths may arise. This post will go over each myth in turn and discuss how it is misleading.

Former fire chief files wrongful termination lawsuit

A former fire chief in Michigan has filed a lawsuit, claiming he was wrongfully terminated after he exposed the misuse of grant funds and also requested overtime pay for him and his crew. This wrongful termination and whistleblower lawsuit was filed in court at the end of February. The defendants in this case are Clay Township and several board members.

How Wrongful Termination Can Affect You at the Workplace

As an employee, it is quite common to experience various challenges at the workplace. From spiteful colleagues to an ever-demanding boss, such challenges might derail any meaningful progress made. In the worst case scenario, an employer might fire you for engaging in altercations with your colleagues or even failing to obey standard orders. However, not all circumstances necessarily single you out as the victim. Known as wrongful termination, such situations mainly paint your colleagues or employer as the guilty party.

Michigan woman sues for wrongful termination

There are times when an employer lets go of an employee for legitimate reasons. In fact, Michigan is an "at-will" state, meaning you can be fired without giving a reason. However, there is an exception to that rule: when it happens as a retaliation, the employee has a right to take action against the employer.

Can you be fired for a social media post?

When you work for an employer, as most of us do, you may feel like what you do in your free time is completely unrelated to your work life. By the same token, you may think that your social media life counts as free speech and that you're protected from any repercussions that might arise from controversial or incriminating posts. Don't worry ? you're not alone.

Can a union employee be the victim of wrongful termination?

When a workforce is unionized, management and the union’s representative typically enter into a collective bargaining agreement. A CBA may be quite detailed, describing employee benefits, the grounds and procedures for taking adverse employment actions against an employee, as well as other procedures.

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