From our offices in the Detroit area, Akeel & Valentine, PLC serves clients nationwide.

From our offices in the Detroit area, Akeel & Valentine, PLC serves clients nationwide.

Doing something about your unpaid wages

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Firm News

At the time of hire, your employer promised you competitive wages in exchange for your skills and experience. However, if they fail to honor this agreement, the outcome can have detrimental consequences for you.

Initially, you may question if you simply misunderstood the terms of your employment contract. However, if you find evidence of unpaid wages, you should respond indefinitely before the situation worsens.

Document and report

If you suspect that your employer has withheld wages from you, start documenting your experience. Make sure you have a current copy of your employment contract or any other contractual agreements you signed. Verify your understanding of the wage payout. Keep track of the paychecks you have received, the frequency of payments and their totals. Also, record any communication you have with your employer regarding your concerns about unpaid wages.

At the earliest sign of discrepancy, contact the human resources department and report the incident. You can ask about what to expect in regards to ongoing communication about the situation. If you do not receive correspondence in a timely manner, you may need to go to the proper authorities to file a formal complaint.

Hire an attorney

Proving unpaid wages involves a lot of moving pieces. According to, there are a number of reasons why pay discrepancies may happen including misclassification, refusal to comply with minimum wage requirements and not paying fairly for overtime. Unpaid wages include withholding benefits or workers’ compensation as well.

Working with an attorney may ease your mind as you receive guidance throughout your efforts to recover your payment. Because building a case requires both evidence and careful strategizing, relying on an attorney can help you to avoid costly missteps. With a timely response, you can hopefully prevent ongoing problems from impacting your income and your financial stability.