From our offices in the Detroit area, Akeel & Valentine, PLC serves clients nationwide.

From our offices in the Detroit area, Akeel & Valentine, PLC serves clients nationwide.

How Wrongful Termination Can Affect You at the Workplace

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

As an employee, it is quite common to experience various challenges at the workplace. From spiteful colleagues to an ever-demanding boss, such challenges might derail any meaningful progress made. In the worst case scenario, an employer might fire you for engaging in altercations with your colleagues or even failing to obey standard orders. However, not all circumstances necessarily single you out as the victim. Known as wrongful termination, such situations mainly paint your colleagues or employer as the guilty party.

In most cases, you might fall victim to certain concepts which essentially surprise most people. For instance, being discriminated based on your gender, race, religion or even age should not hold a court of law. Age discrimination can be exhibited on either side of the scale, whether you are old or young. When an employer instigates wrongful discharge based on your age, it ultimately opens up a can of worms with dire consequences. Unfortunately, proving whether your age directly contributed to the wrongful discharge of services can be quite tricky. Obtaining adequate proof can spell the difference between a successful lawsuit and a failed attempt.

In many cases, an employer might prompt wrongful termination as retaliation for failing to comply with certain unethical procedures or even reporting the matter to higher authority. Rather than own up to their mistake or face public scrutiny, firing on wrongful discharge might appear as the best course of action. Upon a conclusive investigation, most wrongful termination cases tend to revolve around sexual harassment, discrimination and whistleblower actions. Rather than submitting to their will, exercise ethics by reporting such unlawful practices.

As an employee, you might fall victim to age discrimination in several legally unjustified ways. You might be up for a promotion, but your boss inexplicably opts to hire a younger professional with less experience to fill in the position. According to them, current knowledge negates experience, and such a notion can affect technical performance.

Fortunately, an employment law has been in effect in Michigan to protect workers from wrongful termination based on their age. However, such a law would not be applicable if you have turned down for a job based on an overqualified resume`.

As a victim, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Michigan wrongful termination lawyer to guide you on the way forward.