In a case involving unpaid compensation, Akeel & Valentine has recently obtained a settlement of 1.1 million dollars in Oakland County Circuit Court on behalf of their client.

In 2014, AV settled a sexual harassment case for 190,000 for an aggrieved male employee

In 2014, AV also obtained a 1.1 million settlement for unpaid commission on behalf of an aggrieved worker.

Akeel & Valentine recently obtained a 1.2 million verdict in Federal Court for an employment discrimination case based on race and religion for failure to promote.

In a negligence case, Akeel & Valentine reached a confidential settlement of 1.5 million for a car/truck accident case

In a  wrongful death case, Akeel & Valentine obtained a 500,000 dollar settlement with a local county for cruel and unusual punishment of a prisoner in violation of his constitutional rights

In a nursing home negligence case, Akeel Valentine obtained a settlement for 375,000.

For a water accident case filed in Michigan, Akeel & Valentine reached a settlement of 1.8 million.

In a motor cycle/truck accident case, Akeel & Valentine achieved a settlement of 1 million

Akeel & Valentine, PLC obtained a 1.7 million dollar verdict on behalf of a teen farm worker against the farm and its owner.